Minding the Soul, Soul Plan, Reiki, Spiritual, Holistic, Counselling, Mindfulness, Meditation
Minding the Soul, Soul Plan, Reiki, Spiritual, Holistic, Counselling, Mindfulness, Meditation

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Re-Imprinting are methods that use tapping, visualisation and verbalisation to address health and emotional issues.


EFT uses your body’s meridian lines to clear the disruptions and traumas that interfere with your body’s energy systems.  EFT does this by using the same points as acupuncture, resolving both health and emotional issues.  Tapping the end of the meridian lines using verbalisation and visualisation allows EFT to relieve the imbalances in your energy system.


Matrix Reimprinting has grown from EFT but has a key difference.  Whilst EFT removes the emotional intensity and pain from a memory Matrix Reimprinting changes the very nature of the memory.  Through Matrix Reimprinting a memory is transformed by being reframed in your mind with the help of additional mental resources.


Both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are highly successful treatments.  They have a wide number of applications including:

  • Changing negative core-beliefs
  • Relationship issues
  • Allergies
  • Addictions
  • Birth traumas
  • Phobias


I operate from Rochester, Kent alongside a clinic in Preston, Lancashire.


Email at susan@mindingthesoul.co.uk or call me on (+44)01634 303617 / 07815 783 250 if you have any questions.

Susan gave me a wonderful session with The Emotional Freedom Technique.  In the past I had tried EFT on myself but didn’t really ‘get it’.  This time Susan worked with me on an issue and helped me get very clear what it was about. It was a very powerful experience and a lot of emotions were brought to the surface and released. In all this time I felt very safe and supported by Susan who is a very skilful caring professional. It felt wonderful to be able to do this and I would recommend you give it a try. EFT with the right person is great and I think Susan Cox is that person!

K England


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Want to give someone the gift of self discovery with a Soul Plan reading, the life changing gift of Mindfulness or just treat someone to some Reiki? Call  07815783250 or email susan@mindingthesoul.co.uk.

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About Susan

My name is Susan Wilkinson Cox. I am a holistic and spiritual practioner based in Rochester, Kent and operate locally, nationally and internationally. I offer some services over Skype. Having discovered my true self and purpose I enjoy nothing more than sharing gifts to help others.

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